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Float Application

If you are interested in entering a float or marching group into the parade please fill out this online form or click action button below.  We will have 90 floats this year.  Acceptance will be based on 1) having an Irish themed float and/or group, and 2) number of participants from your group/organization.

Applications are due Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Decisions will be published Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Accepted floats will be provided next step directions via email.  Please note that your float entry is not approved, nor your position established in the line-up, until all waivers have been signed and final payment made.


Participation Rules

Rules: This is an Irish Parade. No political candidates. Note: We will accept sitting politicians per routine.

  1. There will be no piggy backing off of other participants. If two organizations are in the same float, that is two entries. Please provide separate entry forms. If you would like to sponsor a non-profit with your company or be in their float, please do. The cost would be $500. 
  2. All units MUST BE pre-registered. Walk-up units will NOT be permitted to participate.
  3. All Floats MUST have proper restraints for children and adults. This will be STRICTLY enforced by the Marshals and Law Enforcement. This is for your own safety. 
  4. Only sitting local politicians are allowed in the parade. No politicians are allowed to campaign. No campaign posters or voting requests!
  5. All entries must be in good taste, suitable for a family event and show respect to other parade participants. Units must decorate their floats or entrants in St. Patrick’s Day fashion. I.e. Green is good.
  6. Signs carried or on other items or persons must be specifically related to Irish Heritage or Irish Themes or Public Safety.
  7. Car clubs are prohibited.
  8. All entries must keep moving and in line of march at all times. No exceptions. Units cannot stop along the parade route at any time or for any reason.
  9. No items may be thrown from parade units. If you wish to hand out items, they must by approved in advance by contacting John O’Leary @
  10. Horses and dog units must clean up after the animals as the parade progresses.
  11. No alcoholic or other intoxicating beverages or controlled substances may be consumed, carried, or possessed by parade participants during the event.

Float Rentals

Consider upping your game and renting a professionally decorated & operated logo-ready float from Cline Floats.  Irish themed floats available.

Float Contest

Winning float will get preferred lineup placement and free entrance in 2023.  Purchasing/renting a float is not cheating!  Contest open for 24 hours beginning at 1pm on Parade Day.  Click here for more information.