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Float Pass Down

Float Passdown for Approved Floats/Organizations

  • LINE-UP The Official Parade Line-Up is done!  Go to our Line-Up page or Naptown Events Facebook.
  • MARSHALS Parade Marshals will be in touch as we get closer to the parade to answer questions and assist with line-up directions and position.
  • WAIVERS All individual participants in the parade must sign two waivers (City and Event) at Float Participant Waivers before parade day.  Link also available on Naptown Events “Waiver” webpage.  We cannot accept paper waivers this year. 
  • EDITS To edit your script, Parade Day POC, or other information contact us at  Last day to edit your script is Monday, February 28. 
  • PARKING We are working on parking at the stadium and shuttles. Standby. Suggest that you utilize the public garages.
  • ARRIVAL On Parade Day please have your vehicles there by 1100 and walkers by noon.  Enter via Spa Road.  Marshals will direct you.  
  • AFTER THE PARADE At the end of the parade ALL floats most vacate the city. The floats may drop people off, but will quickly be ushered away.   Determine where participants looking to collect items left on the float can meet up with the float after the parade.  Back at MD Hall is an option as non-float cars will then be allowed at MD Hall. Police and marshals will ensure that the floats keep moving at the end of the parade.  Buses to the Navy Stadium end at 6pm.

Parade Day Instructions

  • Please have your floats and vehicles that are in the parade to Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts at the start time given to you by your assigned Parade Marshal.  They will be contacting the POC you provided on your EventBrite registration.  On Parade Day the Marshals will direct you to your spot. 
  • If your vehicle is not in the parade DO NOT drive it to Maryland Hall. 
  • Park in the city lots or at the Navy Stadium.  The Navy Stadium is a short 15 min walk from Maryland Hall if there is not a shuttle around. There may be a parking fee.  We are working on getting buses to transport you to the start of the parade at which point you would depart the bus and find your spot.
  • You may decorate your float at your position in line. Only vehicles in the parade can be at the lineup, however, if you have a rented a float you can have a car bring the decorations to the float to drop them off and quickly exit. 

Important housekeeping notes (Compliments of the Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Council.  These Scouts are squared away!  “Prepared. For Life” and apparently Parades.)

  • Boredom:     You will be waiting for a long time (gather between 11:00 am and parade start 1 pm), children get bored, even older ones. You can come closer to step-off time, but the area gets more hectic as the morning goes on.  Bring some kind of activity to occupy kids in your group.  You could bring the makings of a banner for your group – Banner paper, 2 sticks, staple gun, and things to write with. Decorate with anything Green and Shamrock. Maybe crafts or handouts with your unit/group information on it. Glue a unit business card to a shamrock and have the kids color them. 
  • Safety:      We are walking on the streets. Kids and parents need to be aware of pace and avoidances like potholes and animal droppings. There are horses in the parade.  
  • Consideration:     We must remember that we will be waiting in someone’s neighborhood, near someone’s house. They did not invite us, so we should not be in their yards.  The Scouts have a slogan that applies here.  “Leave a place better than you found it”. Please bring back packs or string bags for anything you bring in, then bring it out.  
  • Necessities:     Bathroom facilities are scarce.  Gotugo portable toilet locations for the Parade are…   (1) MD Hall parking lot closest to Carraway Lane.  (2) Halfway down Amos Garrett – 59 Amos Garrett Blvd.  (3) At the end of Amos Garrett Blvd at Waterfront Park, 101 Spa View Avenue.  (4) Annapolis City Dock.  See map below.
  • Fun:     Handouts can be fun.  Ask permission at before passing out anything at the parade.  Get permission first!  Handouts are typically welcome, but you are not allowed to throw things. If your kids want to hand stuff to the observers and they have prior permission great. Keep in mind that the people at the start of the parade GET EVERYTHING. Have your kids hold back some for the people in the middle and at the end.  

REREAD the Rules/FAQ’s: This is an Irish Parade. No political candidates. Note: We will accept sitting politicians per routine.

  1. There will be no piggy backing off of other participants. If two organizations are in the same float, that is two entries. Please provide separate entry forms. If you would like to sponsor a non-profit with your company or be in their float, please do. The cost would be $500.  
  2. All units MUST BE pre-registered. Walk-up units will NOT be permitted to participate. 
  3. All Floats MUST have proper restraints for children and adults. This will be STRICTLY enforced by the Marshals and Law Enforcement. This is for your own safety.  
  4. Only sitting local politicians are allowed in the parade. No politicians are allowed to campaign. No campaign posters or voting requests! 
  5. All entries must be in good taste, suitable for a family event and show respect to other parade participants. Units must decorate their floats or entrants in St. Patrick’s Day fashion. I.e. Green is good. 
  6. Signs carried or on other items or persons must be specifically related to Irish Heritage or Irish Themes or Public Safety. 
  7. Car clubs are prohibited. 
  8. All entries must keep moving and in line of march at all times. No exceptions. Units cannot stop along the parade route at any time or for any reason. 
  9. No items may be thrown from parade units. If you wish to hand out items, they must by approved in advance by contacting John O’Leary @
  10. Horses and dog units must clean up after the animals as the parade progresses. 
  11. No alcoholic or other intoxicating beverages or controlled substances may be consumed, carried, or possessed by parade participants during the event.
  12. No vehicles other than vehicles in the parade are allowed at the lineup.